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Housing and support... When you want it and where you want it!

Acorn provides the housing and support you need...when you want it and where you want it! Find out more about HOW we do this from the Housing menu above.

We are currently working in Bristol and Torbay, but hope to expand our services to other areas soon.

Our mission is to provide housing in the areas that people want to live, based on and exceeding the “decent homes” standards. And to then provide bespoke, person centred support services, to enable our tenants to develop and maintain the abilities they have to live an independent life.

Acorn was created in 2013 and is the youngest member of a group of organisations providing complimentary services.

Stepping Stones to Independence was created in 1996- providing domiciliary care, housing and support services. Then in 2000, Stepping Stones separated to also form SiLS. Stepping Stones continued to provide care services, SiLS then started to provide the housing, support and community support services. More recently, in 2013, Acorn was created to provide housing and support services, while SiLS continue to provide community support services and Stepping Stones continue to provide care services.

Why did we separate our services in this way? We strongly believe that by separating our services, each organisation can really focus on getting as close to excellence as possible in the particular service they provide. But that doesn’t mean that each organisation has to start “from the beginning”. Even though Acorn is a new organisation, they have brought with them an experienced team, having learned many lessons over the past 20 years about how to provide an excellent service.

Our Tenants

 We are not just a normal landlord. We are a landlord that provides support. This means that the people (tenants) that we can help are people who need housing- but who also need a support service to be able to live successfully in their own home.

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How to get our Services

Normally, to apply for our housing and support, you will need be referred by an agency that assess you as needing a housing and support service. That agency also needs to be prepared to fund a support service from Acorn for the whole time you have a tenancy with us.

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How we check and Improve

Acorn believes that if we improve “little and often”, then this soon becomes a lot of improvement! So we are always checking what we do and thinking about how we can make it a bit better.

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