Acorn Supported Housing

Get Involved

The service is for you !    Tell us what you think about it.   Get involved !

You can be part of the Acorn team that make sure we are a great service !   We need tenants to help us develop, so that the service is the best it can be.  You can give us the chance to learn from you, by telling us about your experiences with us. You can advise us on what you should expect from us and what might make a great service. This is important to us. Please bring your ideas to us, and share them ! We are listening.

At this point you may be thinking "What's in it for me?". Getting involved with the Acorn service is a great way to boost confidence and to learn a new set of skills that could help you in the future, if you decide to join in community activities, become a volunteer or with applying for and getting paid work. Sometimes we can also donate some vouchers to buy things you need.

There are various ways you can join in:

  • Chairing House Meetings
  • Coming along to staff team meetings
  • Filling in questionaires about the Acorn service
  • Being part of an interview team for new staff
  • Becoming a volunteer

get involved 2Volunteering for Acorn

Acorn has a volunteer programme to make the delivery of the service even better. You may like to become a volunteer whilst using the service or after you have left. We think that volunteers can offer enormous value to the Acorn service and to individual service users.

In addition to support, tenants are also often in need of connection with others to help with feelings of loneliness and  isolation. To have someone go with them on a walk, help with shopping or help to clear a garden, can help to build confidence as well as networks.These are activities volunteers family or friends could assist with, which would then free up staff to concentrate on the more specific areas of support.