Acorn Supported Housing

Normally, to apply for our housing and support, you will need be referred by an agency that assess you as needing a housing and support service. That agency also needs to be prepared to fund a support service from Acorn for the whole time you have a tenancy with us.

For example, if you have a social worker, CPN or recovery practitioner, they may be able to refer you to us. You can also refer yourself, but we would then need to contact an agency that has already assessed you. If you are unsure what this means, then contact us and we will be happy to give you some advice.

Acorn will then come and complete a needs assessment with you. This is where we find out exactly what you need and decide if we are the right service for you. If we are, we then explain how long it may take to start helping you. If we don’t think we’re the right service, we’ll explain why and give you a chance to appeal if you don’t agree.

To get the service you must:

  • be over the age of 18
  • have an assessed support need, which is assessed and funded by a statutory agency
  • need and want at least 1 hours of housing related support a week
  • want and accept the support service offered to you

You may not be able to have a service from Acorn if we cannot manage the risk. However, we always try our best to manage risks, and we always try to find reasons to give you a service and not reasons to refuse you.

There may be a waiting list to get a service from Acorn, depending on where you live.


If you are not offered a service with Acorn and you think this is unfair, you can appeal. If your appeal is turned down, Acorn will give you advice on getting another service that may suit you better.