Acorn Supported Housing

Acorn believes that if we improve “little and often”, then this soon becomes a lot of improvement! So we are always checking what we do and thinking about how we can make it a bit better.
To make improvements, we first need to know how we are doing now. We do this by checking and monitoring ourselves. We check…

Our Housing

Housing must meet minimum quality and safety standards. These vary in different parts of the country but are based on the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). But we go further than just basic safety, all our housing meets the Decent Homes Standard. This means we meet standards of comfort and up to date kitchens and bathrooms. Acorn also builds on these minimum standards- aiming for excellence in housing from both Acorn and our partner landlords.

Our support services.

Acorn checks the standard of the support we provide. We do this is many different ways to make sure we are doing the best we can. We ask our tenants how we are doing, by asking them to contribute towards staff appraisals, by asking them to write to us and to complain if they want to. We also check how many outcomes we are achieving with our tenants every year and our team leaders check the quality of our support workers regularly.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity.

Acorn continually makes sure that the way we work is fair, and that we do not discriminate against anyone, regardless of who they are.