Acorn Supported Housing

Who can we help?

We are not just a normal landlord. We are a landlord that provides support. This means that the people (tenants) that we can help are people who need housing- but who also need a support service to be able to live successfully in their own home.

In the past, we mainly helped people with a learning difficulty and/ or a mental health support need. We can also provide services to other groups. These can include:

People with learning difficulties/ disabilities.

People with a severe and enduring mental illness.

People fleeing domestic abuse.

Young people leaving care.

Older people.

People with physical and sensory disabilities.

We can normally only provide housing to people who have a support need identified and funded by a statutory agency (agencies like social services and the NHS). There is no minimum level of support that needs to be funded, but we prefer if it is at least 1 hour per week.

We can help people on a short or long term basis, with the minimum tenancy length being 6 months. There is no maximum to how long we can help for.