Acorn Supported Housing

Our Team

Our Team

We have a team of caring and professional people, who are really want to improve people’s lives, understanding that having the right housing and support is an important first step to having the best possible life.

And we are really good at getting the right people to work with us! We have spent years perfecting the way we recruit staff, because we know how important it is. We then do everything we can to ensure our team are well supported, developed and cared for. Because if they are well, then they will do a better job for you.

Training, supervision and appraisal

We’re really good at this too! All team members have a training plan- which we use to make sure they are constantly being trained and developed- each year they get better and better at their job. Every year we ask lots of people how well the team member is doing (this can include us asking you!) This tells them how well they are doing, but also where they could improve. All team members have a “buddy” they can call if they need help and support and their manager is available at any time to help too.