Acorn Supported Housing


Find a Flat service

Acorn are able to access housing through private landlords- the same housing you would find if you searched at a letting agent for example. We do this by paying the rent, deposit and fees.

You can then choose the area you want to live in, sometimes even down to the very street! Homes can be any type of housing; for example a shared house, an individual flat or a bungalow.

We also support you to save for a deposit and when you feel you no longer need or want our help and support, you can take over your own tenancy by refunding our deposit and remaining in your home (subject to landlord approval).

This housing service is very flexible. If you want to move at any point after the first 6 months, you can, provided you pay your removal costs and any agent fees.


Acorn's own housing


Acorn also owns a number of it's own properties. These are available mainly in Torbay. They are often in buildings with other flats next to each other- with other people we support living in them.

All the housing Acorn provides is self contained with no shared facilities (e.g. each flat has it's own kitchen and bathroom etc.). We furnish most of our flats.