Acorn Supported Housing

There are so many parts of daily living that we all just deal with every day. Maybe you don't think much about it!  For example: eating ! We all need to eat, but you may wish to think about your health and want eat in a more healthy way. How could you start to do this? What food would you need to buy? How much would it all cost?

Some people enjoy cooking. They are not chefs, but they can cook good healthy meals and then enjoy them. Maybe you are a good cook? If not, would you like to learn to cook some simple healthy meals? Or would you like to improve your cooking skills? IMG 8970Washing-Machine

A lot of people choose to have tidy homes. It is easy. They usually just have a very simple routine that is carried out regularly, that helps keep their home clean and tidy. This is good as it can give a sense of well being. Would you like to set up a simple routine for a tidy home? This can also include a routine for your laundry, so that you always have fresh clothes to wear.

A part of daily living that everyone needs to deal with is letters that are posted to us. Some people find it difficult to know how to deal with forms that need to be completed, bills that need to be paid and so on. How do you work out what is important and what is not so important?  What is junk mail and what is not? 

IMG 8966-dishes

Of course there are many more daily living tasks that we all have. If you would like to become more independent in any of the above, or with other daily tasks, Acorn can support you with all or some of the following:

  • Planning what to eat
  • Shopping for food
  • Buying good food on a budget
  • Cooking simple meals
  • Improving your cooking
  • Cleaning and tidying your home
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Sorting your post
  • Dealing with letters and filling in forms
  • Many other daily living tasks