Acorn Supported Housing

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Acorn is a service to enable you to improve and make changes to your life. When these changes start to happen, you will begin to need the service less and less and usually want to start making plans to move on from our service.

If you have lived in a home rented from Acorn, you might want to resettle into a more permanent home of your own.

One of the parts of your support from Acorn can be re-settlement (helping you to move on).

Moving on from supported housing and into a suitable home of your own, needs careful preparation and planning so that you are fully supported and have a succesful move-on.

Your new home may not be owned or managed by Acorn.

 When you have developed your skills and feel confident and ready to move on, Acorn can support you with:

  • Finding out about what housing is available
  • Contacting agencies that might have a home for you
  • Applying for (trying to get) a new home
  • Arranging to move into a new home
  • Settling into your new home

Acorn can support you to register with agencies in your area to find a home. You will usually be able to search their website for a suitable home.