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Do you sometimes have difficulty getting your views listened to by others, or getting your point across? If so, this can be frustrating if your view is important to you, or if your view may help change your life in some way and no-one seems to be listening to you.

Perhaps you find it difficult to choose the right words or the right way of putting something across to other people about important things in your life.

For example:

  •     making a complaint about a service you receive
  •     if you feel you have been treated differently because of who you are
  •     talking to your doctor about treatment you are having
  •     talking to your bank about your money
  •     other important meetings or events

An advocate is someone who can talk on your behalf, if you don't feel you can do this yourself right now. 

An advocate can also help you to:

  •     understand what others are saying
  •     speak for yourself, or speak for you
  •     be clear about what you want

An advocate can help you with finding out information and with making sure that you are listened to. It is important to know that an advocate will not say what he or she thinks is best for you. It's your choice, you decide.

If you would like someone to speak on your behalf (an advocate), you can have support from Acorn to find one.


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